Cell Phone Reviews

You can have all kinds of information literally at your fingertips with a new, handheld PC. You can even Staying in touch with family and friends is easier today than ever with a cell phone. Cell phones are small and compact and pack a lot of power, which makes it easy to stay in contact. The many features now available on cell phones give even more reasons to purchase a new cell phone. If you bought one years ago, you don’t know what you are missing with the newer ones.

Today cell phones come in all kinds of sizes, all kinds of weights, with all kinds of features. There are well-known brand names such as Sony, Motorola, Ericson, Nokia, and Samsung, as well as many other cell phones from manufacturers not as well known but who still offer a good quality phone.

You need to choose a phone that will not only fit your budget but also allow you to do what you want the phone to do. You need to decide if you want an analog or digital phone…TDMA or CDMA…or GSM. You may need to get a dual mode phone that is a phone that works in an analog and a specific digital mode. This type of phone would be great if you do a lot of traveling.

There are several kinds of digital cell phones including TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and there is the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) is used throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East and is expanding throughout North America. Each type uses a different bandwidth. You need to be familiar what type is available where you live. If you live in a larger metropolitan area, then all should be available. If you live in a more rural community then you should check out what service is available in your area before you buy.